Ramen Lab in Manhattan brings ramen aficionados and plain ol’ noodle lovers together to share and experience craft ramen, from authentic Japanese styles to regional variations. The @ramenlab pop-up program enlists aspiring and renowned ramen chefs from the U.S. and Japan to cultivate their skills and put their own spin on ramen during a three-week pop-up restaurant service. 

Introduced by Sun Noodle, the makers of custom and craft ramen noodles found in restaurants across the world, Ramen Lab hosts guest chefs out of its Tokyo-style ramen counter in the Nolita neighborhood of lower Manhattan. Once a month, Sun Noodle Kitchen tests its own original Sun Noodle recipes on diners with a limited-time menu, only at Ramen Lab.

New dishes are crafted, new styles are highlighted, and diners are invited to experience a variety of regional ramen bowls, right down to the last drop. 


Kenshiro Uki Ramen Lab

Kenshiro Uki

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kenshiro Uki had a dream to travel the world playing soccer. That ambition was cut short when he suffered an injury during a match where college scouts from Division 1 universities were in attendance. After earning his Master of Business Administration degree in 2008, Kenshiro quickly found himself traveling back and forth between Sun Noodle factories in Hawaii and California, perfecting his understanding of the family business as the third generation noodle maker. In 2012, Kenshiro opened the company’s third ramen noodle factory in New Jersey and is currently the General Manager of the facility.  There, under his leadership, Production, Sales, and Distribution has led to the expansion of new markets in New York, down south to Miami, westward to Chicago, and eastward across the Atlantic Ocean to major cities in Europe. That once childhood dream to travel the globe may not happen as a professional soccer player, but it is apparent Kenshiro will fulfill his dreams through his dedicated hard work as an artisan noodle maker.



Ramen Lab
70 Kenmare St, Nolita, New York City
646.615.7522  |  info@sunnoodle.com


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