Shoyu Ramen - 15

- Clear chicken broth, blend of soy sauces, shell and crab seasoning

- Berkshire chashu, menma, mizuna, sweet onion


Kurogoma Ramen - 15

- Clear chicken broth, special black sesame, garlic and ginger sauce

- Berkshire chashu, menma, mizuna, sweet onion



- Kabocha pumpkin broth

- Mushroom oil, pickled beetroot, grilled kabocha, watercress


Buta donburi - 8

- Flame grilled Berkshire pork, yakitori sauce and takuan over rice



Tamago - 2

- Marinated soft-boiled egg*


chashu - 3

- Braised Berkshire pork collar in shoyu (2 slices)


kaedama - 2

- Extra portion of noodle


karai (hot) sauce - 3

- Fresh jalapeños, sancho pepper, miso and blend of peppers


Edamame - 5

- Soybeans with salt


Takuan - 3

- Pickled daikon radish



ItoEn Oolong Tea - 4

ItoEn Green Tea - 4

Orion Beer (lager) - 6


*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Some of our food may contain allergens. Please speak to a member of our staff if you have dietary restrictions.


Jean-Baptiste Meusnier - Kodawari.jpg

Meet chef Jean-Baptiste Meusnier

In a former life, Jean-Baptiste Meusnier flew planes. His passion for Japanese culture and food led him to leave his career as a fighter pilot and airline pilot behind, and took him to Japan, where he honed his craft under famous ramen chefs. Chef Jean-Baptiste opened Kodawari Ramen in 2016, using film set designers to recreate the energy and culture of an old Tokyo street. Kodawari, which translates to “attention to detail,” represents Jean-Baptiste’s approach to ramen — he uses carefully chosen ingredients, including his own wheat flour, to create the perfect textures and flavors in every bowl.