Sun Noodle Kitchen is Back!

April will feature three different ramen styles from the Hokkaido region.

Japan's northernmost island is famous for its cold, snowy winters – perfect ramen weather. The Hokkaido region features ramen made from pork bone broth, sometimes mixed with seafood or fish broth, for a complex and hearty bowl. Each city is known for its local variations in broth and toppings. Sun Noodle Kitchen brings you traditional miso ramen from Sapporo, Asahikawa shoyu ramen, and authentic shio from Hakodate.

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When we’re not busy hosting chefs from around the world, the Sun Noodle team loves dreaming up new creations and experimenting with classic recipes, right here at Ramen Lab. We invite you to get your noodle fix between guest chefs at Sun Noodle Kitchen. 

For a limited time, the Sun Noodle team takes over Ramen Lab to share an original dish featuring one of our 100 noodle products. Classic ramen, Hawaii-style saimin, Okinawan soba, even gyoza — nothing is off limits in the Sun Noodle Kitchen. Follow us on social media for the latest dates and menu items.